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Hi to all and welcome, Starpeace Online is now in the hands of the Starpeace Project. Please note that you can contact Tigger and Notrevo in game so get something to myself (dodgerid), I am slowly working my way around the system, so things mat appear a little unsettled for a short while but I am fixing things as I can.
This week a new world surfaces.
DodgerId and Loophole will be running SPO moving forward.
Due to upcoming changes the ability to upgrade an account has been suspended. Accounts with dates in 2018 will continue to work.
Due to a change in hosting Angelicus will be out of portal range for a period of time.
Zorcon is now available as a fresh start. During the current round there are no restrictions at play. The game is as if it were a paid planet. Email has also been restored. Target end is October 26th 2018
Email is almost operational. The regular game start up method is now available allowing regular access to the paid planets. Work is continuing on restarting Zorcon from green field conditions.
At this stage the Zorcon server is unrecoverable. Email is still down. Were working to provision a new server.
Subscribers can access the paid planets by running FiveVoyager.exe from the Program Files directory instead of Voyager.exe (the launcher shortcut)
We are currently experiencing server hosting issues. Our hosting provider is working on the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.