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Grim Reaper
4 Frog Dynasty 9790
5 Shooter 9789
6 BrasilCompany 9788
7 Spadewar 9787
8 DSB 9787
10 zoful 9783


May 19 Willow has suffered a major orbital shift. This has caused a transformational disturbance on the planet surface. There were no survivors. Due to the change in orbit, various changes are anticipated.
April 28 Zorcon has been wiped clean. Next reset July 28th
December 23 [Completed] Zorcon will be in maintenance mode for a few hours Dec 23rd, 1:25PM CST
September 19 Xalion has been restored to a greenfield site. Next up Angelicus in the next week or so
September 10 Join the newly reset Willow, the closest of the original planet setups
January 20 Angelicus has been reset. Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor.
January 18 Servers are back online. We apologize for the recent outage. New hardware has been ordered to overhaul the entire system.

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